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Zack Ryder Net Worth

Zack Ryder Net Worth
Zack Ryder Net Worth

How much is Zack Ryder Net Worth?: $2M

Mathew Brett Cardona usually known by his ring name Zack Ryder is born on May 14, 1985, in Merrick, New York, United States. He is 31 years old and his birth sign is Taurus. He is an American wrestler who is currently signed to WWE, He started his wrestling career in 2004 at New York Wrestling Connection. Where he gets trained for two years during that period of time he used name Brett Mathews. His net worth is $ 2 Million with the amazing market value of $ 2.5 Million. Most of the people have forgotten that he beat Undertaker in his career of WWE. His salary of 2016 is $ 455,050.

Some Initial Details of Zack Ryder:

                     Full Name               Mathew Brett Cardona
                     Born Date               May 14, 1985
                     Birth Place               Merrick, New York, United States
                     Popular as               Wrestler
                     Birth Sign               Taurus
Zack Ryder Net Worth:                2 Million
                     Salary                $ 455,050

Zack Ryder Income & Bonus:

                  Years                 Salary                    Bonus
                  2012                 $199,457                    $55,709
                  2013                 $229,832                    $69,324
                  2014                 $316,283                    $105,684
                  2015                 $455,050                    $153,851
                  2016                 $525,890                    $166,380

Some Interesting Facts about Zack Ryder’s Life:

Early Life:

In an interview with WWE magazine he told us a mishap which he suffers in his early age that he had suffered and overcome with foot cancer. Which is spread to his lungs when he was at high school? For sake of treatment, he remains inactive and remains situated in the house for a year. But know he is in a relationship with his fellow wrestler named Tennille Dash wood, popular with her ring name Emma.

Nicknames & Entrance themes:

Names Entrance:                    Theme

Long Island Loudmouth         1. What I Want by Daughtry
Heart & soul of ECW              2. Gasoline Upcharge
The ultimate Broski               3. In The middle of it know
The Woo Woo Kid                  4. Radio by What While
Cinderella Man                      5. Stay Hype Bro

Relation of Zack& Ema:

As far as Zack and Ema’s personal life discussed the past history of both stars dating is currently not available but it is officially confirmed that Zack is in relation with Dashwood known as her NXT ring name Ema. The news sprung up when they get caught the eye of the camera on several occasions. They didn’t deny or confirm their relationship but in 2016 Zack tell the audience officially that they are dating.

Height & Weight:

Zack’s height is 6 ft 2 in (1.88m), weight is 224 lb (102kg).He contains white ethnicity, his eyes color is blue and he had red hairs too. He is trained by Mikey Whipwreck and make debut in 2004.

Championships & accomplishments:

  • DSW Tag Team Championships (2 Times) – with Brian Myers.
  • NYWC Tag Team Championship (2 Times)- with Brian Myers.
  • OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (1 Time) – Brian Majors.
  • Zack’s number in 500 top class wrestlers is 70.

Zack Ryder Net Worth According to Years:

                          Year                      Net Worth
                         2013                      $757,039
                         2014                      $970,550
                         2015                      $1,456,000
                         2016                      $2,555,050

Zack Ryder’s Net worth goes to $2 Million with the amazing market value of $ 2.5 Million. His salary of 2016 is $ 455,050.His total income of all years is 1,779,890. His total net worth $ 4,889,838 and his total amount of bonus is 359,440.