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WWE Net Worth Forbes 2016-7 – Earnings, Salaries, Revenues

WWE Net Worth Forbes 2016-7 - Earnings, Salaries ,Revenues is $737,099 Million
WWE Net Worth Forbes 2016-7 - Earnings, Salaries ,Revenues is $737,099 Million

WWE (World Wide Wrestling) is an American privately controlled company founded by Jess McMahon & Toots Mondt in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) . Many names changes throughout the years like World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) & currently to simply WWE in 2011.

WWE is the largest professional wrestling company in the world. WWE is running many high profile programs such as Smackdown Live, Raw & Wrestle mania which give coverage in more than 150 countries at one time. McMahon family holds approximately 70% of WWE equity currently WWE Chairman & CEO named Vince McMahon his wife Linda McMahon, his son Shane , daughter Stephanie & son in law Paul Levesque (known as Triple H) to have a net worth of $1.1 Billion. WWE net worth is $1.6 Billion in 2016.

Revenue 7-Year Trend:

                        Years                           Income
                        2016:                $737,099 Million
                        2015:                        $658,760 Million
                        2014:                        $542.620 Million
                        2013:                        $507,970 Million
                        2012:                        $484,013 Million
                        2011:                        $483,921 Million
                        2010:                        $466,765 Million

WWE has an income’s profit margin of 36.31% in 2015 & in 2016 it will be 37.87%. Company WWE has paid $12,082 in 2015. Its per year income is 18.60 Million. In this year profit of WWE is $25 Million.

WWE Mal Wrestler Salaries 2016:

                     Name                     Salaries
                    The Rock                     $3.5 Million
                    John Cena                     $2.75Million
                    Triple H                     $2,12Million
Brock Lesner net worth                     $2 Million
                    Randy Orton                     $1.6 Million
                    Big Show                     $1.2 Million
                   Roman Regins                     $245,000
                   Seth Rollins                     $310,500
Dean Ambrose Net Worth                     $80,187
                   Kofi Kingston                     $352,300

According to a report of authorizing sources, The Rock is a highest paid wrestler in WWE the second number is for Jhon Cena third one is for Triple H fourth is Brock Lesner Fifth one goes to Randy Orton six number is for The Big show and so on. Some in authentic sources discuss wrong information about the revenues of WWE stars. These salaries & incomes are gathered from official websites of WWE (World Wide Entertainment).

How much WWE Executors’s net worth  in a year:

                   Names                   Earnings
      Vince McMahon                  $1,184,500
      George Barrios                  $800,000
     Kevin Dune                  $800,000
     Michel Lussi                  $700,000
     Pual (Triple H) Levesque                  $1550,000
     Shan McMahon                  $1,008,723

Some Interesting Facts about WWE:

Media Division & Followers details:

We will discuss the fan following of WWE Company on Television, Home entertainment & digital media like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,& Facebook on this digital media surface WWE contain 600 Million fans following & on Television broadcasting it has 1.2 Million followers . Television sources include DVD’s & Blue-Rays as demand on outlets.

Starting Wrestlers who Made $ 20 Million:

In 1994 when Hulk Hogan signed for the promotion of WWE company his payroll is $ 250,000 US on another hand Nash & Scott Hall were signed at a payroll of $ 300,000. In current affairs or in current time the Legend named Hulk Hogan to have a worth of $ 11 Million, Nash worth’s $ 4 Million & Hall worth $ 5 Million with a plus point of increasing of payroll every year and huge numbers of fan following too.

Mostly Winners of World Heavyweight Title & its Total Winners:

The fist World Heavyweight title winner name is Buddy Rogers and current winner name is Seth Rollins who hold this title for 214days .Our authentic resources said The Rock, Randy Orton & Tripple H are the three wrestlers who hold this big title for 8 times in their life of WWE .

World Heavyweight Championship belt Names since it’s introduction:

In 2001 biggest title belt of WWE known as undisputed WWF Championship. After some years Due to change of organization name, it becomes undisputed WWE Championship. After the short gap of 4 months name of the title was changed and this time name lasted for 11 years & in 2013 name changed again and title name is WWE World Heavyweight Championship which is currently the running name of the title.

Live Events & Tickets Revenue:

A large sum of revenue earned by WWE is offering their live events and by selling their tickets. Ticket price is $129 each and by only live events in the year of 2015 WWE earn $ 67.98 Million & in 2016 earnings of 74.87 Million is recorded. In the Year of 2016 WWE earn $199,876 by the sale of tickets. WWE themed products such as video games & toys are very useful for this purpose too.

List of Richest WWE Wrestlers Earning:

The richest wrestler from current & past years is given bellow:

Wrestlers                                                   WWE Net Worth

1           Vince McMahon                                          $750 Million

2           The Rock                                                  $125 Million

3           Steve Austin (Stone Gold)                          $ 45 Million

4           Jhon Cena                                                 $ 40 Million

5           Triple H                                                     $30 Million

6           The Big Show                                            $ 20 Million

7           Kurt Angle                                                 $ 20 Million

8          Chris Jerico                                                 $ 18 Million

9          The Under Taker                                         $ 17 Million

10         Mick Foley                                                  $ 15 Million

11      Sheamus Net Worth                                      $7 Million

12       The Miz net worth                                        $5 Million

13       Zack Ryder Earning                                      $2 Million

Some Valuable Information about WWE:

As you know WWE Net worth of 2016 is 1.6 Billion & its income of 2016 is $737,099, Million.

Its current CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon enjoys worth of $1,184,500 Billion. Vince his daughter, wife, son & his son in law enjoys 96 % equity of WWE in these days and they are the richest ever wrestling family in the world too.