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Tips to Enhance the Action of Moisturizer on the Skin

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Moisturizing the skin is a fundamental step in the beauty routine. On cold days, the skin tends to become drier and even more sensitive with flaking and redness. Therefore, it is necessary to redouble hydration in this period. Check out tips on how to maximize the moisturizing action of facial creams and moisturizing serums.

  1. Massage the skin with the moisturizer

The more the friction of the moisturizer with the skin, the greater the penetration. So, to optimize the use and absorption of the product, it is necessary to make circular movements massaging. The skin is waterproof, it serves as protection for our organism, so everything that is applied on the skin has little penetration, therefore the more friction the massage has, the greater the use of the facial skin product. We recommend EXO skin moisturizing cream as the best full body skin moisturizing product. Order it from https://exoskinsimple.com/.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

At least once a week, exfoliates should be used. They help to remove dead cells and facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients present in facial creams. When making homemade exfoliation, we remove the stratum corneum, removing dead cells and debris, sebum and residues that are often more adhered to the skin surface.

  1. Apply moisturizer after showering

The best time to take full advantage of the effect of a moisturizer is after showering. But with regard to bathing, a warning is necessary: avoid too hot water so as not to dehydrate your skin anymore and lose the moisturizing effect of cosmetics.

  1. Keep an eye on the labels: choose skin products with nanotechnology

Nano-vectors are very small particles that guarantee greater permeation, since the skin absorbs more. With nanotechnology, we are sure that what is being used on the skin does not stop on the surface, without promoting any regeneration effect.