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Rich Boy Net Worth 2016-7 – Earnings, Salaries, Revenues


Maurice Richards who’s known by his stage name of Rich Boy, born on September 02, 1983. Currently, he is 33 years old is a Rapper from Mobile, Alabama, USA. Rich Boy net worth is $3 Million in the year of 2016. He gets also paid by sponsorship, ads, endorsement, featuring and so on. Rich Boy’s estimated income per year is $235,567 and his sponsorship/endorsement amount is $ 54,287. He made a debut with his self-titled album in 2007 and he is best known for the hit single Throw Some D’s. We also added few albums like Bring It to The Block, Bigger Than The Mayor, Pac-Man & Gold Kilo$.

Some Basic Information about Rich Boy:

Some basic but important detail’s summary of Rich Boy is giving below…

Name Maurice Richards
Birth Date September 02, 1983
Birth Place Mobile, Alabama , USA
Rich Boy’s Net Worth: $3 Million
Income Per Year: $235,567
Popularity Rapper
Endorsement/Sponsorship: $54,287


How much is Rich Boy Net Worth According to Years:

Years: Net Worth:
2012: $1,142,857
2013: $1,600,987
2014: $1,738,943
2015: $2,000,000
2016: $3,000,000

The Net worth of Rich boy in 2016 is $ 3,000,000, his per year income is $235,567, his total income from his albums is $1,277,865 and his revenue from sponsorships & endorsement is 54,287.

Some Interesting Facts about Rich Boy:

1- Educational Back Ground of Rich Boy:

He is a celebrity which is responsible for having an amazing educational background. He is a Mechanical Engineer and it seems really awkward that an engineer is a Rapper. He uses to configure music and lyrics of songs as a part-time activity. An engineering field has more chances of getting you a good job rather than singing.

2- Early Career:

Richard drops out his studies at Tuskegee University and signed a contract with Zone 4 through Inters cope Records. On March 13, 2007, Rich Boy released his self-debut album with some singles like Throw Some D’s and so on, and reached in category 6 of the Billboard Hot 100.

3- Fun Facts:

American Rapper Rich Boy was born on Friday, a birth sign is Sapphire, the season was summer in the Chinese year of Pig, it is 283 days until Rich Boy’s next birthday.

Income from Albums:

Revenue by albums are following:

Albums Name Revenue
Bring It To The Block $349,650
Bigger Than The Mayor $284,843
Pac Man $216,459
Kool –Aid, Kush & Convertibles $162,765
12 Diamonds $138,567
Gold Kilo$ $126,265

These are some fact and figure details about Rich Boy’s album earnings, his total earnings from albums are $1,277,373. The total Rich Boy net worth is $ 3 Million in 2016. His per year earnings $235,567 and his sponsorship/endorsement amount is $ 54,287.


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