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Raekwon Net worth

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Raekwon Net worth: $12 Million

Corey Quantrill Woods is famous by his stage name of Raekwon, was born on January 12, 1970, at Staten Island, New York, America. Raekwon is an American rapper, a member of Wo-Tang Clan. He is the founder of his own label ICEH20. He converted to Islam in 2009. Raekwon Net worth is $12, Million. His per year income is approximate $4, Million. Moreover, he has earned by featuring & endorsements $35000 USD.  He released his solo debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx in 1995. His birth sign is Capricorn.

Some Basic Information:

                         Full NameCorey Quantrill Woods
                         Birth DateJanuary 12,1970
                         Birth SignCapricorn
                         Net worth:$12 Million
             Per Year Income:$4 Million
                         Birth PlaceStaten Island, New York, USA

Net worth Records of Following Years:

Five-year net worth records of Corey Quantrill Woods are given below (USD).

                           Years:Net  Worth:
                           2016$ 12,000,000
                           2015$ 10,000,000
                           2014$ 9,000,000
                           2013$ 5,000,000
                           2012$ 3,000,000

He dedicated his few performances and earns $ 2 Million for children’s Literacy Society. Just because he is a good beat maker that’s why usually famous by the name of Raekwon the Chef in his fans. His birth sign is Capricorn.

Some Shocking Facts about Raekwon:

1- Bringing Back Wu-Tang Clan’s:

As you know Raekwon is the heaviest member of Wu-Tang Clans. Raekwon believes that something is missing in these years because Wu-Tang have not released an album during five (5) years so know he is releasing his album Shaolin vs WU-Tang.  Everyone believes that there are a lot of fans out there waiting for Wu-Tang music back.

Raekwon & Hip Hop:

Raekwon believes that Hip Hop really help a large number of people to live .He said in an interview that as long as rappers stay on the top of their game and continue to produce relevant innovative music, Fans will continue to support them. Hip Hop is like a universal language which has been taken place in urban, suburban areas and so on.


In an interview, he said that we have to pay our homage to our savior and put him in our life more because, without him, you don’t know where you are going. He converted to Islam in 2009.

Raekwon Criminal Records:

He is known as Crime Rapper too. Some swaggers claim him outranges gangster. He said am not married physically am married mentally that’s what you tell your girl. He uses sexism in his lyrics too.

Income from Albums:

Album NamesRevenue / Income:
Lost Jewelry [EP]$1,000,000
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx$750,000
R.A.G.U Pt. 1$700,000
Only Built for Streets, Pt.2$625,000
R.A.G.U Pt 2$520,000

His total income from albums $3,572,000. He earns $12 Million in his fifteen years of career. Raekwon Net worth per year income is $ 4 Million and he donates $ 2, Million.

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