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Mike Posner Net Worth

Mike Posner Net Worth

Mike Posner Net Worth: $45,000,000

Michael Robert Henrico which is an American singer, songwriter and as well as record producer and professionally known by the stage name of Mike Posner. Mike Posner is born 12 February 1988, in the remarkable city of United State of America. Mike Posner made first appearance scene in the 2010 summer with the album entitled 31 minutes to take off. Mike Posner has one sister who ages six years older than him and his father is Jewish and his mother named is catholic. Cooler than me as well as the top 20 singers Please Don’t Go. In 2016, the Cool remix of his 2015 single I took a pill in Ibiza” peaked in the top 10 on the chart and 27 countries around the woo Cooler than me was the name of the first hit-single in his debut album it was the major hit New Zealand, U.S.A, and Australia. Mike Posner hold accreditation for playing a big role in the composition of boyfriend by Justin bibber,  windows down by big time rush and beneath your beautiful by labyrinth.  He has also joined with other artists such as snoop Dogg, WIZ Khalifa, 2chainz and Big Sean, his first album received several mixed reviews but fortunately managed several sales. His other singles are also considered to have contributed greatly to his net worth. They were sold in million over the internet all over the word which is contributed to the huge sales of his songs. Mike Posner was born and raised in Michigan, in a family of Jon and Roberta heroin Posner. His father was a criminal defense attorney, while his mother stayed at home with the kids. After graduation from groves high school, Michael enrolled at Duke University, where he earned a degree in sociological sciences. Net worth of Mike Posner started to grow in the late 2000s, as mike started producing for his long-time friend big seen. This later recorded becomes a real sensation on I Tunes U, immediately attracting a large response and topping I Tunes U chart. 31 Minutes to take off reached the stores in summer of 2010.Posner wrote the lyrics for all the songs included on this album, but one: Déjà “Vu”. The music for the song was co –written by the singer and variety of musicians, such as teddy Riley, Cisco Adler, and Benjamin Levin. Although 31 minutes to take off receiver mixed critical reviews, it enjoyed a considerable commercial success. The album sold 30 thousand copies during the week after release, peaking at No.8 on billboard 200, No.120 on France albums chart and NO. 32 on Canadian Posner net worth too. Although quite impressive, these sales recorded do not reflect the actual popularity of Posner’s tracks. For example, His singer cooler Than Me sold over 3 copies online in the united states alone. His tracks ‘please ‘Don’t Go” and “Bow Chicka Wow’   sold as 1 million downloads each. These online sales made a solid contribution to the current Mike Posner net worth too. Mike Posner enjoys Net worth of $ 5 Million, for the year of 2016.Posner per year estimated income according to Net worth Updates is around $1,488,683 for the year of 2016.His estimated Sponsorships/Endorsement yearly income is $ 788,683.

Initial Information of Mike Posner:

                 Full NameMichael Robert Posner
                 Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, United State of America
           Death-o-Meter      Alive
                 Popular asSinger, record producer
                 Stage NameMike Posner
                 Debut Year2009
               OccupationMusician singer
                 Zodiac Sign       Aquarius
                Height        1.85 m
                 Birth DateFebruary 12, 1988
                 Net Worth$ 45 Million
        Education StatusDuke university, Birmingham groves High School
          Per Year Income$ 788,683

Mike Posner Net Worth According to Years:

              Year Net Worth
              2012$ 2,56,402
              2013$ 3,000,000
              2014$ 3,562,392
              2015$ 4,000,000
              2016$ 4,543,000
              2017$ 5,000,000

Some Interesting Facts:

Early& Personal Life: Mike Posner was born on Feb 12, 1988, in the United States of America Mike Posner was raised in Southfield, Michigan, the northern suburb of Beetroot. Mike person the son of Roberta hereon, he has a sister who is age 6 years older. Mike Posner’s father’s named is Jewish and his mother’s named is catholic. Posner graduated from Bingham Farm’s elementary school and groves high School where they ran varsity track and cross-country. He attended Duke University for his higher education.

Acting Career: Mike Posner started out as a recorded producer, working on some tracks for his hometown friend Big Seen. Posner produced and featured on big Seam’s first mix tape on the song titled ‘Some 7drive.”. A matter of time started attracting industry attention in 2009. Posner working with Don Cannon and DJ BENZI The mix tape was recorded and released small town recorded Duke University in March 2009 under the name Mike Posner & the brain trust,” the brain trust riffing to Mike Posner supporter.

Hot Line News: Mike Posner’s mother was named Catholic, and Mike Posner’s father was a criminal named Jewish.

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Earnings from Movies:

Albums Name  Earnings
The layover     $ 365, 270
Sky High     $ 482,500
  Page One [EP]       $ 685,714
         Page     $256,410
31 minutes to Take off     $ 311,739
Others     $ 285,493
Total Income     $ 2,387,324

How much is Mike Posner worth? Mike Posner net worth is $ 5 Million, for the year of 2016. Posner per year estimated income according to Net worth Updates is around $1,488,683 for the year of 2016. His estimated Sponsorships /Endorsement yearly income is $ 788,683.

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