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What Jack Black net worth and how he became successful

Jack Black Net worth

What is Jack Black net worth? His fans all over the world remain excited to know about how much the actor, singer, comedian, and producer is making. Born in August 1969 in Santa Monica, California, Jack is the son of two prominent engineers, Judith Love and Thomas William Black. He is best known for portraying characters on screen. He founded a rock band named as Tenacious D, which he has described as “a Smothers Brothers for the Dungeons and Dragons misfits set.”

Jack Black Net worth

Success Secret of Jack Black Net Worth

Jack Black first attended Poseidon School, and then joined Crosswords School. He studied at the University of California before pursuing a career as an actor. He has made his name in the entertainment world and worked really hard. He once said in an interview that he began acting from the age of 13. He was discovered by the Tim Robbins’ productions. He rose to the limelight with his incredible work in Bob Roberts, a 1992 satirical mockumentary film directed by Tim Robbins. In the 1995, Black appeared on Robbins’ Dead Man Walking. Back in 1999, he made an appearance in Robbins’ Cradle Will Rock. For this particular project, he received global recognition in no time. Jack Black net worth is likely to increase by the end of this year.

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