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How to Wear Men’s Basic T-shirt? Modern Look Tips

T-shirt Modern Look Tips

You have ordered your T-shirt screen (เสื้อยืดสกรีน, which is the term in Thai) printed. Now learn how to wear a basic men’s T-shirt. Today we are going to talk about a basic subject. The post will bring everything, but all about the universe of the basic T-shirt.

Every man has T-shirts, of the most varied colors and prints in the closet, right? Many, however, only use them during the summer. But it can also be part of a winter look, more enjoyable, of course.

Basic guide to men’s T-Shirt

If you’re looking for how to wear a T-shirt where to buy a T-shirt for men, or what looks look good with a T-shirt for men, or what to wear with a T-shirt, keep an eye on our guide on how to wear a T-shirt for men.

How to wear men’s basic shirt with long sleeve shirt

This is a great look idea for people who live in cities where there are variations in time according to the temperature. It is possible to combine it with a printed shirt, plaid, or jeans.

Looks with a basic T-shirt with short sleeve shirt

The difference from the previous style is really the comfort and freshness of the look. Be with some buttons closed or completely open for a super casual, yet modern look.

Men’s basic T-shirt with a blazer

This is a common classic and can be checked in large cities. There are people who twist their noses. Plus the look has already fallen in the taste of a modern man who enjoys something relaxed with a touch of formality.

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How to wear men’s basic overalls

In times when in cold days the air is not freezing there are those who dispense the blazer and invest in an elegant overcoat. It looks chic! A T-shirt with a leather jacket is the perfect combination.