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How To Make Your Home Celebrity Chic

Celebrity Chic

When you are in the middle of binge-watching the latest, trending reality television show, the sneaky, behind-the-scenes peeks at a celebrity’s home can make you proverbially green with envy.

Wonderfully, however, there is no need to re-mortgage your home or sell the youngest of your children to be able to emulate currently trending home décor items and home furnishings that fill the houses of celebrities. The high-street and online vendors sell a wide range of fabulous high-street dupes that are sure not to break the bank.

Wooden Feature Wall

Wooden Feature Wall 1

Gone are the days when celebrities on television and in Hollywood blockbuster movies had brightly colored, matte-painted feature walls to contrast the rest of their neutrally toned rooms and now, wooden feature walls are the absolute height of style and home fashion trends for the autumn and winter season of 2021.

If you consider yourself something of a do-it-yourself guru, if you can get a hold of some used wooden pallets, with a good quality wood stain or wax they can be stunningly repurposed to cover the back wall of your lounge. If not…well someone else can always do it for you!

Chill-Out Zone

Nearly every magazine pullout featuring an inside look into an A-Lister’s home will always show a chill-out space somewhere in the house, and the good news is such a zone is relatively easy and affordable to recreate in your own home.

Paint the walls bright colors and, if you have the space, consider investing in a pool or snooker table and even a fully operational jukebox in the room. For furniture, shun traditional couches and chairs and instead invest in an incredibly durable and luxuriously soft bean bag sofa from Comfy Sacks.

Home Bar

Home Bar 3

The addition of a home bar inside your home is one that can be easily installed as the variety of sizes and designs to choose one truly knows no bounds.

If you have a small kitchen space, for example, consider simply purchasing some stylish spirit optics to hang over your pre-existing tabletop or kitchen island. Conversely, if you have enough space, consider purchasing some affordable high-top stools and a table and create your very own bar inside your home.  Decorate your new home bar with stylish bar signs and even paraphernalia and souvenirs you have collected from vacations abroad to really personalize the area.

Freestanding Bathtub

There is nothing more luxurious, relaxing, and ultimately decadent than an enjoying bath in a freestanding bathtub and the beauty of such an investment means the entire layout of your bathroom is a lot more flexible in terms of design.

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Freestanding bathtubs create a stunning aesthetic focal and talking point for your bathroom, and you are able to choose from a multitude of different styles of feet. These tubs are available in a plethora of different sizes, shapes, materials, and even colors so you can make your bathroom as luxurious as a celebrity’s yet still retain some individual style preference.