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Google Net Worth, Named as the Most Valuable Company Today!


Alphabet, the parent company of Google has been evaluated more than Apple. Once again, Google established itself as the most valuable company around the globe. The alphabet is now worth $498 Billion while Apple is a tad behind with a net worth of $495 Billion.

Google Net Worth surpassed Apple’s three months before. But this lead didn’t last long as happened won back its status in February 2017. It is reported that Alphabet’s Shared fell 1-7% at the start of this year. Things are not going well for Apple either. Apple’s shares went down to a dropping less than $90 per share.

Google-Net-worth 2017

How Google Got the Lead?

Google Net Worth 2017 exceeded than Apple’s because of Apple’s share fall in the previous year.  Apple is currently 14% down as compared to last year. The company went down as the worst performer in 2016. The investors of both companies are facing tough competition from other tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, its stock went up 6% while Facebook enjoyed an increase of 15%. Both these companies are trading all times high than ever in their recorded history.  Both of these companies have a market value of $340 Billion.

Worth More Than Renowned Companies

Forget about Google and Apple, the tech giants like Facebook and Amazon are even bigger than Healthcare pioneer, Johnson & Johnson. These companies slightly fall behind Exxon Mobil and Berkshire Hathaway.

If Amazon and Facebook can surpass these two companies, they can surpass Microsoft and eventually, they can beat the record of Google Net Worth today. Both these companies hold the potential to become the next tech giant. The truth is, Google and Apple have been playing it pretty close to the chest for the last few years, and people want someone to beat their record.