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Gina Rinehart Net Worth 2016

Gina Rinehart Net Worth 2016
Gina Rinehart: Richest Women in Australia

How Much Does Gina Rinehart Make?

Gina Rinehart net worth: $12 Billion 

Georgina Hope Gina Rinehart famous by her name Gina Rinehart born on February 9, 1954, in Perth, Western Australia. She is chairman of Hancock Prospecting & Australia’s richest citizen too. She owns a stake in ten Television Networks and she is the largest owner of wagyu cattle in Australia yet. The massive Roy Hill Project, established her to start shipments to Asia in December 2015. The net worth of Gina Rinehart is 11.9 Billion in the year of 2016. She has a per year income according to authentic sources $ 1,377,487,558.

Initial Information of Gina Rinehart:

                 Full NameGeorgina Hope Gina Rinehart
                 Birth PlacePerth, Western Australia
                 Marital StatusWidow
                 Zodiac SignCapricorn
                 Birth DateFebruary 09, 1954
  Gina Rinehart net worth:$12 Billion
                 Per Year Income:$ 1,377,487,558

Net Worth According to Years:

              Year       Net Worth
              2011      $ 5,559,489,048
              2012      $ 6,868,432,600
              2013      $ 8,495,599,392
              2014      $ 9,466,000,000
              2015      $ 10,000,000,000
              2016      $ 11,478,000,000

Some Interesting Facts:

Early Life: Gina’s mother’s name was Hope Margret & father was Lang Hancock. Until the age of 4, she lived with her parents at Nunnery which is 60 kilometers far from North Wittenoom. Later she joined or got her early education from St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls situated in Perth than in the next step she briefly studied economics at the University of Sydney. In the year of 1973, when she was only 19 years old Rinehart met an Englishman named Greg Milton at that time Milton changed his surname to Hayward. Then she gave birth his son John Langley in 1976 and her daughter Bianca Langley in 1979. In the year of 2014, his son John Langley changed his surname to Hancock, after the relation between her and he became difficult and she was not present at John’s wedding with Gemma Ludgate.

Business Career: In the year of 1992 after her father’s death she became chairman of (HPPL) Hancock Prospecting Pt Limited. Rinehart focused on developing Hancock’s undeveloped profits & raising capital through joint ventures. By sharing 50 % percent of profits by Hope Downs Mine chairman, Rio Tinto she generated 30 Million tons of Iron-ore which can we say was his 1st achievement. After another joint venture with Nichols Down Mineral Resources situated in the northwest of Newman, she earned success in the form of 500 Million Tones Manganese. Then she shares 30 Million tons of Coal and at the end, the Roy Hill iron-ore project in the same year is giving her 55 Million tons a year.

Income of from salary & others:

          For the Year of       Earnings
           2012       $ 1,768,995,033
           2013       $ 1,195,559,403
           2014       $ 916,779,000
           2015       $ 7,88,976,554
           2016       $ 1,688,669,177

Net worth of Gina Rinehart is 11.9 Billion in year of 2016. She has a per year income according to authentic sources $ 1,377,487,558.

Power According to Forbes:

          For the Year of               Position/Ranking
                2014     # 37th Powerful Women of the World
                2015     # 51th Powerful Women of the World
                2016     # 51th Powerful Women of World
                2016     # 1st Billionaire of Australia
                2016     # 127th Billionaire of World
                2016     # 2nd Australia’s Richest Personality


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