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Future Net Worth Forbes: (Hip-Hop Artist) - Earning, Salary

How much Future Makes?

Future Net Worth: $8,000,000

Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn usually known as Future is an American Hip Hop singer& Rapper born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A, his birth sign is Scorpio. Future firstly became involve in music as a part of Dungeon Family musical collective, it is known as Rico Wade’s studio too. Because Rico is the producer of the studio and in early this studio located in the basement of Rico’s mother house. This is the place where Nayvadius DeMum was nicknamed The Future. Future is also known as Meathead. The net worth of Future is approximate $5 Million in 2016 & $ 6.5 Million in 2015 and 2016. Future or Meathead per year income is $ 2,500,000. He earns $ 1.5 Million in last 11 months only in 2015 his net worth is $ 8, Million. After collecting a series of mix tapes in 2011&12 Wilburn signed a major contract or deal with Epic Records & A1 Recordings then he releases his debut album Pluto and sale his 4100 CDs in the first week.

     Name:Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn
     Popular as:            Rapper
      Future net worth:         $8,000,000
      Per Year Income:         $2,500,000
     Birth Date         November 20,1983
     Birth Place    Atlanta, Georgia , USA
      Birth Sign               Scorpio

Future studied at Columbia High School before he dropped out and start his rapping career. Firstly he wrote songs for a Southern Rapper Ludacris. Meathead has a son two sons one is with Jessica Smith & second is with Ciara who sues Future for $15 Million fracture.

How much is Future Net Worth in Previous Years:

                            Year:                            Worth
                            2016                 $ 8,000,000
                            2015                 $ 6.5,000,000
                            2014                 $ 3,666,667
                            2013                 $ 2,355,932
                            2012                 $ 1,000,000

Facts about Future:

1. Is Future Married & does He Have Kids:

Future formerly dated a popular R&B and pop female singer Ciara, they were engaged in 2013 and their relationship fell apart in a dramatic manner in a year after 2014 and they split up. Future has a son with Ciara who is becoming a bone of contention after their breakup. Future complained that Ciara has control problems and he pay’s $15000 per month for child support which becomes $ 180,000 for same rappers this amount would seem like chump change for them but for Future, this amount’s value is a stack of money.

2. Ciara Is Suing Future:

Future has a son named Future Zahir with Ciara who called off their engagement two years ago. Both of them had a breakup and new partners now, But the two have not hesitated to bring each other down at any cost. Ciara sued Future(who has only an estimated $ 5 Million net worth) for $ 15 Million in damages. Russel Wilson is new partner of Ciara in a radio show Fetch spoke to Russell walking the baby boy of Future in a stroller.

3. Why Nayvadius Wilburn Nicknamed The Future:

Childhood name Nayvadius Wilburn changed his name to Cash while running the streets so if anything happened to him or his personality because of his illegal tips, the police would be pinning the crime of Future on the wrong name.

4. Some Early But Interesting Information about the Future:

Future favorite cartoon character is Popeye, he got shot in his hand when he was a teenager. Future was arrested in 2006. Future’s favorite rappers are Kayne West and Lil Wayne, he used to write poems after reading William Shakespeare in school.

Few Earnings from Music:

    Album Name: Earnings
     Pluto     $ 2,000,000
   Future Hendrix     $ 1,250,000
   Streetz Calling     $ 480,000
 Astronaut Status     $ 850,000
  Welcome to Mollywood     $ 1,000,000

During the year of 2010&2011 Future release a lot of his mixtapes like Dirty Spite & True Story. A film named Scarface true story single song Tony Montana tape by future too. Then he did a partnership with Gucci Mane. Then Future signed a big deal with Epic Records. Such as the team up with Drake that won them tie best-year Bet Award for best group. He makes his debut on his album Pluto. The rapper future’s net worth is $8 Million USD.

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