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Foxy Brown Net Worth

Foxy Brown Net Worth Rapper
Foxy Brown rapper

How much is Foxy Brown worth?

Foxy Brown Net Worth: $2M

Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, which is known by her stage name Foxy brown. She was born on September 6, 1978, in the remarkable city of New York City, New York U.S. she is an American rapper, model, and actress. She is better known for her solo work, but her work with other artists is also remarkable and excellent of hip-hop genre The Firm. In 1996, brown released her debut album named ‘lll Na Na’ but strong sales. It sold over 109,000 copies in the first week and was ranked as #7 on the billboard. Her albums include Ill Na Na in 1996, followed by Chyna Doll in 1999, and Broken Silence in 2001. She has to suffer many problems due to her negligence in law and order while she had to also spend some time in jail. While her other issue she was arrested driving without a license, hitting a neighbor with a blackberry, almost ran over a stroller with a baby inside it and others. In December 2005, she began suffering from hearing loss, which put a break on the career of Brown but after some time she had a surgery and after that surgery, her fourth album, which was actually a mixtape, was released in May 2008. As of 2016, brown has sold over 11 million records worldwide. Brown enjoys the net worth of $2,000,000. The amount that foxy brown has received from her endorsement and sponsorship is around $52,288. Foxy brown receives yearly income around $235,294.

Initial Information of Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand:

Full NameInga DeCarlo Fung Marchand
Birth PlaceNew York City, New York U.S.
Popular asFoxy Brown
Stage NameFoxy Brown
The debut year1996
GenresHip Hop
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth Date6 September 1978
Rapper Age39 Years
Foxy Brown’s Net Worth$ 2,000,000
Per Year Income$235,294.

Foxy Brown Net Worth According to Years:

YearNet Worth
2012$ 1,142,857
2013$ $1,600,000
2014$ 1,739,130
2016$ 2,000,000

Interesting Facts about Him:

Early Life: While a teenager, brown won a talent contest in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Member of the track Masters was also in the audience that day while they were recording the album LL Cool J’s Mr. Smith they were very much impressed by the performance of brown and they invited her over a rap ‘I Shot Ya’. She followed with her appearances in the RIAA platinum and gold singles from other artists, including remix of song ‘’You Makin’ Me High’’. Case and “Ain’t No Nigga” by Jay-Z. Also featured Brown in the soundtrack of the film 1996 Nutty Professor in the song “Touch Me Tease Me” her immediate success led to the bidding war at the beginning in 1996, Def Jam Records won the bid and added 17-year-old rapper to their roster. In 1996, she debuted her album ‘lll Na Na’, which was a strong sale, 109,000 copies were sold in the first week. It also led to the major success of brown; it also was ranked #7 on the billboard. The album was heavily produced by Trackmasters and featured guest appearances from Jay-Z, Blackstreet, Method Man, and Kid Capri. The album went on to go platinum and launched two hit singles: “Get Me Home” (featuring Blackstreet) and “I’ll Be” (featuring Jay-Z).

Personal Life: Brown is a mixed Afro-Trinidadian, Indo-Trinidadian and Chinese Trinidadian descent. In 2001, she was engaged to sprang a Benz. Brown suffered from hearing loss from May 2005 to June 2006, she opted not to wear a hearing aid, and she had someone tap beats on her shoulder while she recorded music. Brown went to a lot of trouble with the law and order while in 1997, she assaulted the hotel workers when she asked them for an iron and they did not have one. In 1999, the police escorted her off the stage; the police neither arrested nor charged her. In 2000, she was arrested driving without a driving license after crashing her range rover. Moreover, hitting neighbor with her blackberry, almost hitting a stroller with a baby inside.

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Income from Mix-Tapes/Albums:

Mix-Tapes/ AlbumsEarnings
Black Roses$349,650
Brooklyn’s Don Diva$284,091
Broken Silence$216,450
Chyna Doll$162,338
Ill Na Na$138,581
Whip Appeal             $126,263
  Total Income From Albums             $1,277,373

As of 2016, brown has sold over 11 million records worldwide. Brown enjoys the net worth of $2,000,000. The amount that foxy brown has received from her endorsement and sponsorship is around $52,288. Foxy brown receives yearly income around $235,294.

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