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FouseyTube Net Worth


FouseyTube Net Worth is a awesome as he is famous YouTube celebrity. He has created his own channel with the name of Yousef Saleh Erakat. He is a Palestinian American, and a famous comedian, actor, rapper and motivational speaker. FouseyTube net worth is around $3 million as of January 2017. He basically uploads pranks and funny videos on his channels. The best thing is that FourseyTube’s videos are always unique as no one ever caught him copying their content. For some of his videos, he received several awards including Show Of The Year at the 5th Steamy Awards. He owns several channels that earn him thousands of dollars every day.

FouseyTube Net worth

Other than being a YoUTube celebrity, he is a famous tv presenter. Born in America, on January 22, 1990, his parents were originally from Palestine. He has three siblings named as Mohammad, Ahmad, and Noura Erakat. He studied at the San Jose State University and earned a degree in arts. He moved to Los Angeles after his studies and wanted to become an actor.

FouseyTube once told that he has multiple YouTube channels and is successfully running all of them. He has plans to make videos on fitness so that the housewives can get benefited from his work. He is a hard working guy.

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