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Chris Brown Net Worth 2020-21 Forbes | Earnings, Salary, Income

Chris Brown

How much Chris Brown Makes?

Chris Brown Net Worth: $49,630,513

Is the net worth of Christopher Maurice well known as Chris brown’s going up or down?  Will talk about the formula of fame that helps every common man to start up as a celebrity in front of world’s stage between the row of celebrities. Will make a how to know about the career of Chris Brown in the field of singing, as the owner of Burger King Restaurant, as a possessor of Clothing Line  (Black Pyramid). His annual income as estimation is $5 to $ 25 Million per year and his net worth is $30, Million. His net worth of 2015 is $ 45,835,562 and Chris Brown’s net worth is $49,630,513 in 2016. Chris income income increase about $3,794,951.

Full Name: Christopher Maurice
Christopher Maurice Net worth 2016: $49,630,513
Per year income: $5 to $25 million
Birth Date May 5, 1989

Chris Brown Net worth timeline:

Year                                     Income

In 2008                                $ 6,043,266

In 2009                                 $ 10,208,249

In 2010                                 $ 12,622,847

In 2011                                 $ 21,575,879

In 2012                                 $ 28,068,974

In 2013                                 $ 31,160,908

In 2014                                 $ 34,534,987

In 2015                                 $ 45,765,879

In 2016                                 $ 49,612,567

Numbers of albums and little detail:

Studio Albums 8
Singles 106
Promotional singles 9
Mix Tapes 8

Major sources of income:

Burger King Restaurants: Chris brown tell the audience about his ownership of 15 Burger King Restaurants in a reality show from where he earns Net worth of $ 1.6 Million his 2015 revenue is $ 4 billion and has liquid assets of $500,000. Now everyone knows this information about Chris Brown’s ownership too.

Record profit in shape of  music / Tour sales:

Chris Browns primary or usually known as the first source of income is generated in form of selling music & tour sales recorded by him. His record sales have hit the sky of fame with most of his hit album tracks like Platinum. His single tape named Beautiful People from his 4th album, F.A.M.E sold over $ 2.6 million by January 2014 this album released in 2011. His first album to top Billboard 200,  the track also earned him Grammy Award for best R&b album in this shape.

Some Chris Clothing Line details:

Chris brown launches a street wear fashion/clothing line named as  Black Pyramid. Chris Brown explains the name, Black Pyramid comes from ancient colossal wonders in Egypt.

The profit of his clothing line business is $4 Million his brand have launched some new arrivals earning worth more the $ 71.

Black Pyramid is very popular too.

Comparing Brown with other singers / Celebrities:

Brown vs Drake $19,853,306 smaller
Brown vs Bieber 12,407,628 big
Brown vs 50 cent 3 times big
Brown vs Barack Obama 15 times big
Brown vs usher 16,543,507 big

NET Worth from concerts:

You will get shocked after hearing that Chris Brown has earned his $ 11.6 million from his concerts on the national & international level both in his tours of 2006 & 2007 earn amount $ 8.9 million from his concerts which are not a small amount . And almost his 39 % come from his concerts annually.

Some Awards of Chris brown:

The information of awards owns by Chris Brown.

  • 1 Bet Award for best collaboration
  • 2011 Look At me know
  •  2 MTV video music award
  • 2012 Turn up the music with me
  • 3 Grammy award for best R&B Album
  • 2012 F.A.M.E
  • 4 Award for video of the year
  • 2015, 2008, 2012 only look at me know
  • 5 BET Fan dominium Award
  • 2015, 2013, 2012

Chris brown net worth is around $ 30 Million, which is equal to $49,612,567.

Some important details:

Weight:                     156lbs 71kg

Eyes color:                Dark brown

Hair color:                 Black

Chest:                      104 cm

Arms/Biceps:            14 in or 35.5 cm

Waist:                     32 or 81 cm

Shoe size:               12 US

Quotes: “With fame, you can’t trust anybody”

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