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Aziz Ansari Net Worth

Aziz Ansari Net Worth

Aziz Ansari Net Worth: $13 Million

Aziz Ansari is an American Actor and comedy star who is widely known by his stage name Aziz Ansari. According to Forbes Asari holds the 7th position on the list of comedians which charged huge amounts against their acting and services. Ansari earns fame and wealth from an American political comedy channel Parks and Recreation’s drama series NBC as Tom Haverford. His second most successful drama series was named “Master of None” as “Dev Shah”. After some passage of time magazine, “New York Time” published news according to which show was “The number first best comedy show of that year”. On another hand, if anyone wants to chat about his heart and morality he is a good person because he played a role of a talking goat in a video for the sake of encouraging donations. Aziz Ansari enjoys the Net worth of $ 13 Million for the year of 2020-21. His per-year endorsement income according to authentic sources of Net worth Updates is $ 1,176,471. But on another hand, he enjoys $ 9 Million yearly salaries from different comedy dramas, and his current year earnings from ads and endorsements are 261,378. Aziz Ansari starts his comedy acting career like many other comedy actors did in America by performing stand-up comedy in New York City in the early 2000s. Comedy skill helps him in movies or films to named “Get Him to Greeks”, “Funny People”, and “Observe and Report”, which added a sum of wealth in Aziz Ansari’s worth too.

Initial Information of Aziz Ansari:

            Full Name      Aziz Ansari
            Birth PlaceColumbia, South Carolina, USA
             Popular asActor, Comedian
             Debut Year2004
             GenresMovie Actor
            Zodiac SignCancer
            Birth DateFebruary 23, 1983
  Aziz Ansari’s Net Worth $ 13,000,000
         Per Year Income $ 2,350,412

Net Worth According to Years:

              Year       Net Worth
              2012      $ 6,413,784
              2013      $ 8,000,000
              2014      $ 9,000,000
              2015      $ 10,000,000
              2016      $ 11,000,000
              2017      $ 13,000,000

Some Interesting Facts:

Early & Personal Life:

Aziz Ansari was birth in a Tamil Muslim family belonging to Tamil Nadu, but their residency was in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Ansari’s father Shoukath and his mother Fatima both worked in the medical field. Ansari spends his childhood in the historic county of Bennettsville, South Carolina, USA. Ansari got his early education from (GSSM) the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics. In next step of education, Ansari got his degree of graduation (Marketing) from the International Institute of education named New York University Stern School of Business.

Acting Career:

Aziz Ansari got his comedy education training from a training center named Upright Citizens Bridge Theatre (UCB), where he performed weekly shows too named as Weekly shows such as “Invite Them UP”. For the year of 2005, an American magazine named Rolling Stone included Aziz Ansari’s name in their Hot List of New Rising Comedy Stars. After this Hot List Ansari’s fame increased and he started working with fellow comedy rising stars Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel in the same year, and group Shutterbug selected them to work in their debut drama series which successfully completed its two seasons. For the year of 2008, he was selected for a comedy sitcom named “Parks and Recreation” which equally increased his fame and wealth. A list of his comedy dramas includes Master of None, I Love You, 30 Minutes or Less, and so on. His some comedy movies list includes Get Him to the Greek, Observe and Report, The Rocker, Cruel Summer, Epic, Date, and Switch, and so on. In book writing world Ansari entered in 2015 with his first book Modern Romance: An Investigation, with the collaboration of sociologist Eric Kleinberg. On another hand Aziz Ansari won Golden Globe Award in 2014, Critics Choice Television Award in the same year and Prime Time Emmy Award in 2016.

 Ansari has made appearances in several films: 

Get him to the Greek
I Love You
30 Minutes or Less
Observe and Report

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Income from Movies:

          Name       Earnings
Date and switch    $ 1,743,231
Ben 10;Omniverse    $ 1,430,513
This is the End    $ 1,082,213
Epic    $ 811,688
Bob’s Burger    $ 692,905
 Ice Age    $ 631,313
Total Income    $ 7,386,154

How much is Aziz Ansari Worth?

Ansari enjoys net worth more of than $ 13 Million for the year of 2020-21. His per-year estimated income according to authentic sources of Net worth updates is around $1,350,412 for the year 2020-21. Her earnings from ads, endorsements/ sponsorships are $ 261,378 for the year of 2020-21.

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