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Adele Net Worth, the Talented Singer Crossed the $100 Million Barrier

Adele networth

Adele Net Worth including earnings of albums and endorsement

Net Worth: $125 Million

Adele is loved both by her fans and the critics. She has awards and breakthrough album sales to prove that.  She is ranked as one of the most bankable stars today and is projected to make $50 million this year.  All this contributed to a staggering $125 Million Adele Net Worth.

Early Years

Adele, known for her incredible talent started her career when she was a student at BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.  She recorded a demo for a class assignment which was later uploaded to the internet.  A few months later, she signed her first contract. Her first album, 19 was released in 2008. She boosted her career by making notable appearances in the media, notably Saturday Night live which made her album the top download on iTunes.

Rise to Stardom

The follow-up album, 21 successfully sold more than 350,000 copies in the first week and ranked in Top 5 Albums in early weeks. This helped Adele to rank amongst the likes of 50 Cent and The Beatles.  The second album won Adele six Grammys. Her third album, 25 was released in 2015.

Adele Net worth

Music as the Bread Winner

Surprising it may be, but Adele became a star solely based on her music talent. She hasn’t endorsed any product so far and even went on saying, it undermines her artistic integrity.  All three of her albums helped gross the Adele net worth to $125 million.

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