Home Tips and Tricks A complete guide to apartments for a short stay

A complete guide to apartments for a short stay

A complete guide to apartments for a short stay

With the rising success of Dubai as a centre for travel and industry, the number of people visiting Dubai has also increased. As the number of people making short visits to Dubai continues to expand, the appeal of short-stay apartments is on the rise.

A complete guide to apartments for a short stay

If you are visiting Dubai temporarily, you probably will not rent a villa at District One Villas Dubai or an apartment in Burj Khalifa, you will look for something temporary that provides you all the basic amenities to live a life. Basically, short-stay apartments are fully furnished, self-catering apartments with all the facilities that a hotel provides – from electrical equipment and basic household goods and vaults, cutlery and towels.

Dubai usually requires a minimum stay of one week for a short-term rental. We have prepared a short guide for you if you are planning a short stay in Dubai and want to lease a rental apartment. 

How to find an apartment for a short stay

It can be pretty confusing to select an apartment for a short stay as a lot of options are available, each one providing the best services. Let’s take a look at some tips to find an apartment for a short stay in Dubai. 


If you are interested in renting short-term accommodation whilst you are waiting for your permanent home to be ready, we recommend that you pick an apartment in the same area to familiarise yourself with public transport available (if you don’t plan on driving) and the facilities available in the area. This will provide you with a great idea of how it is going to live in the chosen place.

Cleaning Aid: 

Many reputable service apartments provide the housekeeping needs with a weekly cleaning service. This is a major added bonus but ask if this service is available before you book the apartment.


Most of the people finalize an apartment based on the facilities that they provide. Prior to finalizing the apartment, make sure all new amenities, such as bedsheets, dishes, internet access, swimming pool, gymnasium, or anything else that is important to your needs, are included in the apartment.

Facility for online booking:

Particularly for travellers seeking accommodation before their travel to the Émirate, this is a convenient facility. Short-stay apartments websites are typically incredibly well-designed, easy to use, and a quick way to search your choices before you finally pay. The quick view of rooms, services, and amenities give prospective consumers an overview of what they will get. 

Places where you can find an apartment for a short stay:

There are hundreds of well-equipped apartments available for rent in and around Dubai every week, month, and even annually. Below we look for serviced apartments in some of the better places in Dubai.

Dubai Marina

A lively, cosmopolitan area with cafes, restaurants, and hotels, with easy access to some famous Dubai monuments, provides the Marina with a gentle soul and a special lifestyle.

Marina is a very popular suburban neighbourhood of expats and provides easy access to the Downtown of Dubai, also the home of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. In the heart of Dubai’s business district, among the most acclaimed Apartments, the Nuran Marina Serviced Apartments offer every luxurious amenities and facilities and amenities.

Palm Jumeirah

This iconic man-made island provides astonishing views of the sea and some comfortable short-term apartments for sale. It is built to be a palm tree and home to many luxurious Dubai hotel resorts, including the famous Atlantis.

The Shoreline Apartments on the East side of the palm bay with access to the Palm’s lovely soft white sandy beaches are among the most common short-term rentals.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a perfect choice for budget travellers between Jumeirah and the Creek, with many affordable, short-term apartments. Bur Dubai may not be as elegant as Marina and Palm but has a range of tourist attractions, such as the BurJuman Mall, Wafi Mall, and floating abra restaurants 

In the middle of Bur Dubai, The Golden Sands Apartments with their studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments provide a flexible rental term.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a great location for business travellers. The Dubai Downtown also has many wonderful cafes, restaurants, and restaurants offering excellent food in a comfortable setting. You can find some best apartments here for your short stay. 

If you are deciding to shift to Dubai, places like JBR, Port De La Mer Dubai, etc. can be the perfect spot for you to buy a house but for a short stay, our guide above will definitely help you.